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BlueGreen (Brussel) International Ventilation Corp., Ltd., established in 1902, is dedicated to providing consumers with royal air, always focusing on the research and management of human indoor living environment, adhering to "better air, blue and green" "The corporate philosophy."
In 2011, the BlueGreen brand officially entered China and established a joint R&D laboratory in Suzhou Industrial Park, China to study the air quality and related components in various parts of the country, and proposed concepts such as “air concentration”, “micro-positive pressure, micro-climate”; In order to achieve high brand standards and high quality products, the headquarters thoroughly solved the problems of “leakage, mixed air” and other industries. In 2014, it invested 50 million yuan to establish an automation plant in the eastern coastal area of Zhejiang. It has the only comprehensive testing center in the industry. Every piece of equipment shipped from the factory is rigorously tested. In order to better serve consumers in Greater China, Bruglin (China) Investment Co., Ltd. established its operational headquarters in Shanghai: Buluo Gelin (Shanghai) Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., responsible for marketing and sales network in Greater China. After-sales maintenance and other matters.
BlueGreen is a global professional indoor air quality improvement solution provider, an expert in indoor air technology and clean energy applications; piloting European high-end quality life, advocating green and healthy residences - rich oxygen and free breathing! The company's full range of products cover a variety of domestic working conditions, mainly based on the practical and practical one machine, divided into ceiling-type one machine, two-way cabinet-type machine, two-way wall-mounted one machine.
BlueGreen's entire fresh air system is rooted in Greater China. In the face of fierce market competition, we always adhere to the principle of “high-end quality, ingenuity and craftsmanship”, and strive to have every Chinese assembled equipment pass through the comprehensive testing center. Layers are checked and perfected. The channel adheres to the cooperation philosophy of “work hard to cooperate with dealers and cooperate with consumers”. Its sales network covers all parts of the country and is highly praised by end consumers!


  • Corporate Values:Professional, Integrity, Innovation, Sharing, Health
  • Corporate Goals: Take advantage of the full range of fresh air purification systems to create high-end fresh air products that belong to different regions and environments, and protect the health of your family!
  • Corporate Philosophy: Go all out to cooperate with dealers and collaborate to serve consumers
  • Quality Policy: High-end quality, ingenuity
  • Corporate Mission: Create an indoor healthy environment--Enriched oxygen and enjoy breathing!




Bruce William Spielt Bruce
English naturalist scientist

In 1867, the aristocratic family born in the Royal Garden of London, Kensington Park, was deeply influenced by the family warriors and the Lord. Bruce developed a firm and hard-working character. The influence of the growing environment and the natural beauty of the royal garden ignited Bruce's interest in nature and life.

At the end of the 19th century, the development of the British industry, industrial pollution and steam coal intensified, coupled with London's temperate maritime climate, air humidity, so the annual foggy day in London is about 90 days, making London a well-known "far" Fog".

In 1902, Bruce, who specializes in nature and life sciences, gradually turned his attention to environmental air pollution, organized and participated in several polar expeditions, and set up a permanent air weather monitoring station on Greenland in the Arctic Circle. However, due to the weakening of the concept of air pollution at that time, the research results were not given due attention. At the same time, he entered the University of Edinburgh Medical School and unreservedly contributed his research to future generations.

In 1919, as his health deteriorated until his death in 1921, he was often completely forgotten by hospitalization.

From December 4 to 9, 1952, there was an appalling "London Smoke Incident" in the UK. In the five days of heavy fog, according to British official statistics, more than 5,000 people were killed, and within two months. There are 8,000 people who have died.

In 1956, the British government enacted the world's first air pollution prevention and control law - the Clean Air Act.

Until 1959, Bruce's research and discovery in Greenland was finally re-discovered and reused. His family played a vital role. As early as Bruce's tenure at the University of Edinburgh, with the help of his wife's family, he began. Set out to transform your professional research into practical air purification system equipment. After Bruce's death, the family worked tirelessly. In 1960, a dual-cycle eco-friendly home air purification system was finally introduced. The family combined the name of Bruce's childhood nickname (Blue) and his favorite Greenland.

Name this air purification system as“Blue&Green”-Fable: fresh air between the blue sky and green.

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