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BGP PM2.5 Physical filtration

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BGP PM2.5 Physical filtration
The Bruglin Fresh Air System lets you breathe!

The Bruglin PM2.5 Physical Filtration Fresh Air Machine has a maximum airflow of 520m3/h*, with a minimum noise level of 32dB*,
Let you dehumidify and mold, and enjoy fresh and comfortable without feeling it.

  • Maximum 520m3/h* fresh air volume
  • Aluminum two-way sensible heat exchange
  • Modular design
  • Autonomous full frequency conversion Double DC brushless motor
  • Self-power failure protection system
*520m3/h is the measured data of the BGP 5001(S) model laboratory
*32dB is the measured data of the BGP 2501 model laboratory
24 hours continuous air supply, the home air is always new
All models of Bruglin PM2.5 physical filter fresh air machine are equipped with self-developed full-conversion double EC motor,
Stepless intelligent speed regulation, life expectancy of up to 180,000 hours. It can produce fresh air continuously for 24 hours,
520m3/h* is enough to meet the fresh air demand from 90m2 bedroom to 180m2 large apartment.
Layers of filtration to enjoy a healthy new wind
The Bruglin Fresh Air System draws outdoor oxygen-containing air into the room and sends fresh air into the room through a multi-layer filtration system.
At the same time, the indoor circulating air is cleaned 2 times at any time to ensure that the air purification effect reaches the European standard H13 level.
99% purification efficiency
Using the world's top air purification technology, the four-layer high-efficiency filtration of the gas entering the room; effectively remove harmful substances such as PM2.5, germs, formaldehyde, benzene, and the purification efficiency is as high as 99%.
Independent full-frequency double EC motor
Synchronous stepless intelligent speed regulation can accelerate air cyclone flow, Three-dimensional cycle to make the indoor temperature more balanced,
At the same time, taking into account energy saving and consumption, the life expectancy is up to 180,000 hours. Quiet operation, energy saving, and lifetime warranty.
New environmentally friendly plastic materials, insulation and noise reduction
The interior of the fan is filled with a new foam plastic EPP, and the unique closed-cell structure has excellent thermal insulation properties.
At the same time, it has efficient noise isolation.
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Modular design for easy maintenance and overhaul
All components are modular in design and can be extracted independently.
The innovative design of the motor module can also be disassembled independently, which further simplifies the after-sales work of the fan.
Overhaul and replacement of parts no longer needs to destroy the decoration of the house, making maintenance more convenient and efficient.
Primary filter module
The first effect is to filter large particles of dust, batt, insects, etc., the first level of health guards.
The golden ratio pleating process, the open structure increases the amount of filtration per unit area,
The purification efficiency greatly increases the wind resistance and can effectively reduce the wind noise.
At the same time, it has high efficiency and air permeability.
Highly efficient aluminum
Heat exchange core
High quality aluminum foil cast heat exchange core, durable, washable, free of life
Replacement, good sealing, low air mixing rate, no moving parts,
Never mold, avoid "secondary pollution", run more smoothly and reliably
At the same time, it can recover the energy of the temperature in the air, and the heat exchange efficiency is as high as 90% or more.
Carbonized activated carbon filter
Using high iodine value modified activated carbon,
Bonded to the microporous filter steel network after chemical treatment,
The design principle is more scientific,
Adsorption capacity for small molecular impurities,
The adsorption rate is significantly higher than conventional activated carbon.
It can strongly adsorb volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, toluene, TVOC/total, and is not easy to desorb.
Using padding,
Increase the crushing resistance of activated carbon while increasing the adsorption area and reducing wind resistance.
High efficiency filtration module
European standard H13, can effectively remove μ-level particles
Add another guarantee for your breathing health
17-digit security code
Each machine has an independent security code that is unique and cannot be copied.
Each security code can be checked against Brugreen's official website to further protect the authentic rights.
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6 inch full smart touch panel
6-inch full-featured touch giant screen controller, simple, stylish and easy to operate
Real-time display of current weather conditions, timely reminding of various life indexes
Real-time monitoring of indoor and outdoor air data, dual monitoring to ensure that family safety is more convenient, automatic operation is more secure
Accurate and detailed data display
The white data on black shows that it is simple and not tonal.
Indoor PM2.5, CO2, TVOC index, outdoor temperature, indoor temperature, indoor humidity, filter reminder,
Detailed and accurate data such as mode selection shows that the new wind is “visible”.
The touch-screen control of the screen allows you to adjust it with a single click, making it easy for your family to operate.
Variety of fresh air modes
According to your own living habits, the automatic, manual, and custom modes are freely set.
Personalized program customization needs, giving you a unique new style.
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BGP series parameters

  • machine type
  • Size (mm)
  • Filtration (H)
    European standard H13
    European standard H13
    European standard H13
  • Heat exchange rate (%)
  • Power (w)
  • Air volume (m3/h)
  • Noise (dB)
  • Weight (kg)
  • Take over (mm)
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