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Fuzhou Dunington Town Fresh Air Installation Diary | Issue 6
Release time:2019-10-30

Actually, considering the installation of the fresh air system at the beginning is purely a follow-up. When I see other people's home decoration, I also want to play a game and improve the family grade. Actually, it is not clear about its real effect. Until I went to a friend's house once and stayed in the air-conditioned room for a day, the room had no smell and was not stuffy, which made me more determined to install the fresh air system.

I searched the fresh air system on the Internet, and also learned about some brands of fresh air. I compared the performance, word of mouth and other aspects. The Bruglin fresh air system has entered my sight. The UK brand, the machine's face value and its function introduction are deeply attracted me. So according to the online address to the nearby Bruglin store, after a brief introduction by the staff, undoubtedly ordered the Bruglin two-way dehumidification fresh air machine.

Project Overview
[Building Area]: 268m2
[Design Room Type]: Single Villa
[family member]: a family of three
[Select host]: Bruglin two-way dehumidification fresh air machine
  • 01前
    When the design drawings are drawn, field surveys, and hydropower positioning, Xinfeng Company communicates at home to determine the installation space.
  • 02 Host Installation
    The pipe and equipment are connected by a special muffler hose, and the joint is sealed with special tape or aluminum foil tape.
  • 03 pipe installation
    The indoor supervisor should add a fixed card for one meter spacing, and a fixed card for each 45cm on both sides of the elbow.
  • The construction of the ventilation pipe is completed, and the exposed port should be sealed in time to prevent dust and other impurities from entering.
  • 04Device Debugging
    Power on the main unit before the top ceiling. Detect the air supply condition of each tuyere, adjust the circular air volume adjustment valve in place, use the anemometer to measure the wind speed to calculate the air volume, and check whether the air volume of each tuyere meets the design requirements.
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